Who Am I

Byte.mi started with the need in the market to have up to standard solutions meeting customer needs.

I have several years of experience in the development field, touching base with several projects throughout my career. I have mastered the Mobile, Frontend and Backend technologies to make of me an ideal full stack developer.


Our business model starts with a proposal, after meeting up and discovering what your business requires. I can offer a number of solutions based on my experience in the field.


Next up is the development stage, whereby over a period of weeks defined in the proposal, you will be receiving updates on the work being done on your project. Here you can see your ideas being formed and we can always adjust based on your requirements.


The digital field is always in a state of flux and one can never stop creating and developing their ideas. For this reason, your ideas will always need to be consolidated and your solution will be upgraded.


There is no successful project without it being supported from time to time. That is why I give substantial importance to the support factor of your project, so that together we can make your idea sparkle.

What I do

I do my best to be a disruptor in the digital field; by creating solutions which make an impact.

I design and implement websites and analytical dashboards backed with any technologies and data solutions you could ask for.

App Development

I have a track record of developing apps for both Android and iOS devices. Completely self taught, I excel in attempting to use mobile devices at their full potential; to make our daily life easier and more productive.

Web Development

Be it some snazzy jaw dropping website for your idea or a database system which gathers the data you need from your customers, I can always meet your demands and come u with a solution which will make your idea hit the skies.

Data Analytics

Anything data related? I am the go to person here! This is my passion and I love studying data to explore certain trends and traits which exist in it, so we can grow your business or provide a better solution for your clients.


Got a great idea we can collaborate on? Wonderful! I myself do get excited with new groundbreaking ideas which can make a difference in the world we live in; especially when AI or data science is in the equation. So go ahead and reach out.

My Credentials

A brief portfolio of my best traits. These are the most important ones; even though I always try to keep up with new technologies.



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